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Not Quite Cool

Lola! In the jumper my nan knitted her

Lola! In the jumper my nan knitted her

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Dj snoopadelic. Sick night.


The Simpsons Lego House

 2,523 total pieces - Ages 12+

Price: $199.99 (US) - £179.99 (UK)

Available: February 2014

Full details @Kotaku

Words can’t describe the joy this would bring to my life

Accept what you can’t change

And change what you can’t accept

Drownin my sorrows at work

Drownin my sorrows at work

Freaky lil dog

Freaky lil dog

Body Hound stream new EP Rhombus Now, due out April 14th

My good friends ‘body hound’ making music that will make your brain hurt in the best possible way. Read a review of their ep ‘Rhombus Now’ by clicking the link, there’s also a link to stream the ep within the review which I strongly recommend if you know what’s good for you.

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"Eating mini bagels in a Winnebago"

Sunsets and sufficient parents

Adequate family’s watching sunsets in different countries